Seeking the Best Opportunities in IT? Kickstart Your Journey with the Most Reliable CompTIA 220-1002 Practice Tests

Seeking the Best Opportunities in IT? Kickstart Your Journey with the Most Reliable CompTIA 220-1002 Practice Tests

Ever wanted to work in IT? This is your time. For those looking for the best opportunities in information technology, the will give you valuable knowledge to accelerate your career growth. Employers are keen to work with competent IT geeks who can get the job done while maximizing productivity and this is exactly what the A+ badge can bring you.

Ready to jumpstart your training? Then, you need to know more about the exams you need to pass to earn this credential. In this article, let’s focus on one of them, 220-1002 by code. But first, we’d like to provide you with some reasons why you need to get A+ accredited at all.

Reasons to Launch a Career with CompTIA A+ Badge

The CompTIA A+ certification track gives you a direct path to a fulfilling IT career that assures better pay and an excellent work-life balance. Here are a few reasons you may want to explore this professional path:

  • Proof of basic IT skills

The CompTIA Security+ Sy0-501 your IT competency at the core level making you a more desired candidate for entry-level roles. It easily shows the hiring managers what you know and what you can do and confirms if you can work with a variety of core technologies, which ultimately prepares you for advanced-level technical jobs in the future.

  • The path to a support specialist job role

Becoming CompTIA A+ certified proves that you have cutting-edge knowledge of basic IT concepts to successfully serve in the capacity of a support specialist. Hiring managers will give you a priority because you have additional training that demonstrates your prowess.

  • Better wages

Updated skills come with better pay. And the CompTIA Certifications Questions is just the first step on your way to achieving career excellence. Notice, that having this certification, you can earn about $61k annually as stated on the website.

Important CompTIA 220-1002 Exam Facts

CompTIA 220-1002 completes the 1000 Series exams, also known as the Core exams. Unlike the first test (220-1001), which exclusively focuses on networking technology, cloud computing, and hardware management, this test validates your knowledge of operating systems, advanced security concepts, operational procedures, and software troubleshooting. The total number of questions is 90 with a maximum of 90 minutes to complete them, the tasks come in multiple-choice, performance-based, and drag and drop formats. Unlike Core 1 exam, the passing score for 220-1002 is 700 out of 900. Lastly, this CompTIA Certification costs $226 per attempt and is offered in English, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Thai, and Spanish versions. 

Since the range of the topics you need to know is quite wide, CompTIA recommends that certification hopefuls must have completed a minimum of 9-12 months of training in the field or lab. Nevertheless, if you don’t have such experience, you can gain everything needed during preparation.

Aside from the comprehensive materials that CompTIA readily offers for 220-1002 exam, candidates can check out authentic practice tests from reliable sites and improve their chances of success. These materials will show you how the exam is structured, what are the questions you are likely to face at the assessment, and what are your weak points you have to strengthen.

To Sum UpEarning the A+ credential is not as difficult as it may seem. With high-quality materials like official courses and practice tests, you’ll know all the topics required and become confident in your skills. Now, it’s time to make a decision! Register for CompTIA Security+ Exam Questions and 220-1002 exams with no fear, study hard, and enjoy all the benefits of getting certified!

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